Lassiter High & Feeder School Attendance Zones

Lassiter High School Attendance Zone and Maps of all Lassiter High Feeder Schools.

Lassiter High School Attendance Boundary

Lassiter High School Attendance Map

Lassiter High School Attendance Zone Map

Mabry Middle School Attendance Zone

Mabry Middle School Attendance Zone Map

Simpson Middle School Attendance Boundary Map

Simpson Middle School Attendance Boundary Map

Davis Elementary Attendance Zone Map

Davis Elementary Attendance Zone Map

Garrison Mill Attendance Zone Map

Garrison Mill Elementary Attendance Zone Map

Mountain View Elementary Attendance Zone Map

Mountain View Elementary Attendance Zone Map

Rocky Mount Elementary Attendance Zone Map

Rocky Mount Elementary Attendance Zone Map

Shallowford Falls Elementary Attendance Zone Map

Shallowford Falls Elementary Attendance Zone Map

DISCLAIMER–While continuous efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of school district boundaries and school locations, it must be stressed that these are approximations and are for general information purposes only .

If you are a purchaser who wishes to own a property located in the Lassiter High School district and don’t care to end up in for example, the Sprayberry or Wheeler High districts, never make a decision to purchase property based on unconfirmed information, including from sources that are not beholding to you the purchaser, such as:

  • any site or map that shows that students of a certain ” feeder school”  will all feed into Lassiter High School,
  • by viewing general area maps posted on the public (non login) pages of this website, (highly detailed school attendance maps, listings of neighborhoods by school zone, positive address by address verification, and much more, are only available to our *Clients – via login, email, and other means)
  • by viewing school boundary maps posted on the Cobb County School website,
  • because a listing agent/realtors fact sheet shows a property is in the Lassiter district,
  • because an online MLS listing shows a property as being located in the Lassiter High School district

East Cobb School Boundary FACTS: Many elementary and middle schools that feed into Lassiter High School also feed into other high schools that are nearly as good, but are not Lassiter, but worse, they may also feed into schools that have far less stature and educational quality. School zones boundaries do not always cover an entire neighborhood as many folks believe, but infact, zones may end on one side of the street in a neighborhood and even between neighboring properties on the same side of the street in the same neighborhood!

One of the many diligent services we provide for our *Clients is positive confirmation of the correct elementary, middle, and high school associated with any property. For more information on becoming a client and our unequalled purchaser representation and protection services, please Contact Us.

Address by address verification is the only safe way to guarantee what school attendance zone you are buying into.


East Cobb Real Estate Advice

What Every Buyer Needs to Know BEFORE “Working” With ANY Agent!

Customer versus Client – or does it really matter?

In Real Estate matters if you want quality assistance and advice from an agent you want the best agent you can find, and you want to become a Client of that agent. Being a Client means you are Represented by the agent, and that means the agent is legally accountable to do everything in your best interest and liable to you for all their actions and advice – or failure to properly act and advise you

If the following describes you, call us now to discuss getting out of that situation.

If you are “working with” an agent to find a home, but are “unrepresented” by that agent (you never signed a Brokerage Agreement to be represented) in the eyes of the law, you are merely a Customer. (That alone is proof you are working with a very poor agent.)  As a Customer, you are FULLY and SINGULARLY responsible for the outcome of your transaction and all mistakes and errors related to the transaction, including those that result in the failure of the transaction, the forfeiture of your earnest money, your having to pay more for the home, your having to buy a home with serious defects, and actions you unknowingly took that breached the Agreement, and or subjected you to lawsuit by the seller or builder!

“Any agent who agrees to “work with” you, rather than insisting you become thier Client – is by default not looking out for your best interest, and that makes them completley untrustworthy.”  

* As defined by GA Real Estate Law, a “Client” is an individual (or other legal entity) who has entered into a Written Brokerage Representation Agreement with an agent/Broker, which agent/Broker then (and only then) becomes legally charged with, and duty bound to provide with reasonable competance, the minimum set of “duties owed to clients” and, the agent/Broker must give sound and correct advice, full disclosure of things known not to be in the Purchasers best interest, and to represent, and protect the best interests of the Purchaser in all matters and actions taken.

Conversely, individuals who (through lack of information, misguided assumptions, etc) choose to merely “work with” agents/Brokers and not be represented, are expressly agreeing to remain as a “Customer” (though these individuals are usually not even aware of that fact, nor the implications of remaining a Customer.) Nonetheless, the law sees them as Customers and these buyers are at great exposure because no agent/Broker they work with will be legally beholding or liable to them for failure to provide: the benefit of the agent/Brokers professional market insights, experience, strategy, and competance, including providing correct information, unbiased and complete advice, loyalty, full disclosure, sound professional oversight of transactions such as contract review and submission, timely submission and or response regarding any offers, and many other important services agents are legally compelled to provide to a Client.