About Broker – Owner Robert Whitfield

Robert Whitfield…Not just an Agent/Realtor/Salesperson – A Multi Qualified Home and Real Estate Transaction Expert!

Lets face it, the metro Atlanta market is literally overrun with agents – at any given time there are over 30,000 active agent/realtors. The reason “everyone and his aunt” gets into real estate is the bar to entry is egregiously low – and that is extremely bad for an unsuspecting public. Even the National Association of Realtors is concerned about the impact poorly trained, part time, and incompetent agents are having on the industry.

Finding and Choosing the Best Real Estate Representative is not Rocket Science!

When you take the effort to make your own thoughtful comparison of experience, qualifications, skills, and abilities – the answer is usually a no-brainer.

Making the smart choice is not rocket science – but it can very hard because very few agents can differentiate themselves from the sea of 30,000 other agents out there all claiming to be the best. The fact that you landed here and are reading this, has moved you to the front of the line so to speak and has given you an opportunity to make a thoughtful and meaningful choice among at least one broker who truly has something of value to offer you over and above industry standard usual and customary real estate service – and some quantifiable proof to any claim of being among the very best in his industry!

Too many people never get a chance to take an active role in selecting their agent – they abrogate that responsibility and settle for a friend or associates referral. Unfortunately well meaning friends or associates usually know no more about how to select and vet an agent that you do, and very likely found their agent the same way! Personal referrals are great for a trying a new restaurant, a movie, or even picking a house painter – but a referral from uncle Bill should not be the main criteria you rely on for choosing an agent/realtor, lawyer, heart surgeon or anyone else helping you with major financial and life decisions. Not unless uncle Bill or your co-worker can prove he’s a real estate expert, or an authority on lawyers and heart surgeons!

I have many great past client referrals, but I suggest looking past those to compare my actual experience, unique qualifications, and the raw abilities that back up my claim to being not just an agent, but an expert. Because at the end of the day, when things get tough, or someone in the transaction drops the ball, those differentiating skills are what will make or break your deal and keep the transaction from imploding, not the fact that I am a nice guy, that I give to charities, or my clients thought I was great.” Robert Whitfield

When partnering with an agent to help you, you do have a choice – you can hire an agent/salesperson/generalist with very limited abilities, or for no additional costs, you can hire an expert who is a trusted advisor and has the resources to help you make informed and wise choices – an expert who puts client interests before making a sale.

As Atlanta’s Only Licensed Broker/Owner & ICC Code Certified New Home Construction and Building Inspection Expert, Robert offers a more comprehensive range of services and an elite level of Direct Broker Representation to select real estate clients. Roberts services for buyers include the unmatched Wise Buyer Program. For sellers, Robert brings the same set of invaluable skills to assists sellers in ways ordinary listing agents can’t, and along with one of the best List-To-Sale Ratios in Atlanta Real Estate, Robert brings sellers outstanding results, including setting some of the highest sold prices in several East Cobb and North Atlanta neighborhoods.

Advantage Realtors Broker/Owner, Robert Whitfield has the technical knowledge and experience with the entire home building process, and over 20 years of experience overseeing new home construction and monitoring homes for compliance with proper construction and GA building codes from the footings up – this kind of invaluable insight can make the whole process of buying or building a new construction home go much smoother and turn out like it should. Ordinary agents who are primarily real estate/generalists may offer to help, but the fact is they have neither the experience or technical knowledge to add real value in a new home purchase. Finally, agents don’t have the necessary qualifications to advocate for you if the builder or his site super become contentious and decide to take short cuts or otherwise choose not to do the right thing. As a Broker/Owner who is also an ICC Certified Building Inspector, Robert has the qualifications and experience to anticipate problems before they happen, and to serve as an effective liaison for the buyer to address problems and insure they are adequately and properly resolved!

The unique skills and experience Broker Owner Robert Whitfield brings to each clients transaction have saved buyers, sellers, investors, and luxury home buyers and sellers many hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, and spared clients a lot of unnecessary risk, worry, failed transactions, and anxiety throughout the home buying/selling/home building process. Acting not just as his clients realtor, but as his clients trusted advisor and advocate, Robert routinely relies on his multiple qualifications, experience, and knowledge to resolve a host of complex contract, regulatory, and home construction and inspection issues. His skills and services exceed the abilities and even the expected responsibilities of all agents and Realtors, and well exceed the requirements placed on agents and brokers by Georgia’s real estate regulatory agency, the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

Robert Whitfield’s multi-dimensional experience and unique qualifications come from over 35 years experience as the Broker/Owner of Advantage Realtors, a local North Atlanta specialty real estate firm, an experienced investor and property rehabber, and previous owner of a Building Inspection and Environmental Consulting firm. This varied experience allows him to provide deeper insights and counsel on every aspect of a clients transaction no matter how complicated. His credentials also allows Robert to act as his clients advocate in many areas agents have neither the credentials or authority to act. Robert has a proven track record of  insuring clients make a sound and successful purchase or sale, including protecting clients by proactively preventing problems, holding client deals together in the face of unforeseeable deal killer events, sparing buyer and seller clients the financial impacts of inaccurate inspection calls and inaccurate appraisals, and in a few unusual new home construction cases, successfully assisting buyer clients in getting out of deals altogether with their Earnest Money intact.


Robert has a proven track record of sales in Buckhead, Roswell, East Cobb, and Alpharetta from luxury properties to starter homes across a broad price range.
Robert lives in East Cobb with is wife and teen age son, and volunteers for local causes like The Friends of Mabry Park.